Jazz for classically trained pianists

Below is my article from the Music Teacher magazine UK, November 2013. in 2016, Improv Exercises for Classically Trained Beginners book was published based on my experiences of teaching jazz and improvisation to the classically trained pupils. Buy book on:

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Arabia Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb performed at Carnegie Hall

Arabia Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb is a popular choice for the competitions in the United States.

Earlier this year Alanna Crouch (9) from London has entered the American Protégé Competition and was chosen as one of the Honourable Mention Winners and performed Arabia Étude-Tableau at Carnegie Hall on 1 May.Read more

EVC Music at the Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians

It goes without saying that music plays, (pun intended) a very important role in every child’s life and the Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians’ team, led by Cathy Batchelor and Anna Bensusan of Allegro Music Productions and supported by the Government of Gibraltar, have certainly achieved their goal in providing an important showcase for developing musical talent and creativity in young generations to come.Read more

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