Sam Wedgwood Next Level Play-Along Tracks

20 play-along tracks to stream on the website

The composer’s diverse influences for this compilation range from the suspense of detective stories to the synth-pop style of video gaming, resulting in a unique, contemporary style. This is complemented by a combination of Latin, blues, and ragtime vibes that expose the student to a variety of related genres.
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Shark Soup by the EVC composer Sam Wedgwood​ included in the new ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces 2021-2022 Grade 4

Sam Wedgwood’s​ piano tune Shark Soup is now included in the new ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces 2021-2022 Grade 4.

Sam made his name by writing orchestral music for TV and radio. Most notably, his music was aired in the last series of The Great British Bake Off​. Read more

Sam Wedgwood’s Project Jazz Piano

Ten piano works in Jazz style suitable for Intermediate level students. Beautifully crafted Jazz compositions by an Australian composer Sam Wedgwood are intended for the intermediate pianist who wishes to explore real jazz idioms in a traditional sense.
Blue Onions were inspired by the hit soul instrumental ‘Green Onions’ with a rippling Hammond organ line.
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