Improv Exercises


By Elena Cobb

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Errata: page 11 Tremolo Bass LH P11
Errata: page 38 Eb is required Creating Bass Line P38

We shall correct these errors in the next print.

1. Twelve-bar blues chart and formula
2. Chord Names and Symbols
3. Creating Spatial Awareness
4. Rhythm exercises
5. Noodling
6. Noodling Exercises
7. Blues scale
7-19. Exercises on all twelve keys
20. Basslines
21. Simple Ideas for Improvisation

Improv Exercises for Classically Trained Beginners is a 21st-century educational concept based on the belief that, in addition to the regular routine, classically orientated piano lessons should also include elements of improvisation. Although this book only deals with blues scale improvisation on the basic twelve-bar blues with only three chords, it will give you a firm understanding of how to structure your approach to improvisation. You will also be able to apply this new skill to another prevalent element for playing jazz – comping, or as a classically trained pianist would say, accompanying a band without the score.

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