All The Fun Of The Fair


By Lindsey Berwin

Each piece in this unique modern piano suite with eerie fairground sheet music by British composer Lindsey Berwin depicts a different fairground ride or stall. To create the mystery of The Ghost Train and the thrill of The Rollercoaster, the hilarity of The Dodgem Cars, and the relaxation of The Lazy Water Ride, the composer uses chromatic passages, whole-tone scales, and a variety of dissonance. The tritone parallel motion in The Pirate Ship represents a characterful swagger, and sequences of perfect fourths in The Lotus Flower Ferris Wheel lend an oriental flavour to this composition. The somewhat atonal feel of The Coconut Shy, together with quirky acciaccaturas and two-part imitation portrays two people competing for the prize.

Intermediate to Advanced levels at ABRSM, Trinity, and AMEB

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