Higgledy Piggledy Jazz Series Re-Released in 2018

Internationally acclaimed Higgledy Piggledy Jazz Series by Elena Cobb (cover illustrations by Nathalie Chabelnik-Wood) were re-released in 2018.
The attractively printed music includes several new elements, which have been introduced specifically to help children and beginners learn and understand the key basics of playing an instrument as quickly as possible, particularly when they are practising on their own and to encourage to have a go at improvisation among the classically trained students.
Ten jazz-inspired toe-tapping tunes in this educational series offer a unique opportunity for creating flexible ensemble performances at school or private studio. Arrangements and solos range between easy elementary to intermediate level.
Audio tracks (three or four for each piece) were recorded by professional jazz musicians at a studio for an enjoyable experience of playing and performing with the sound of a real Jazz band. The audio is free to use on the website or to order.
The series include the following books:
– piano solo
– alto sax solo
– classical guitar ensemble: duets, trios & quartets (notated)
– clarinet ensemble: duets, trios & quartets 
– ukulele ensemble: duets, trios & quartets (notated, TAB, chords)
Tap or click on LINK to discover, preview and hear these amazing tunes now!

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