EVC piano pieces in ABRSM, Trinity, LCM, RSL Awards Rockschool and AMEB exams

This guide with piano pieces by EVC composers that are currently featured in the major exam boards will be useful for teachers and students who are selecting a repertoire for the grade exams. Buttons include the links to pages where the books or single EVC pieces (digital) can be purchased. Each product page includes score previews and audio.  Read more >

Musical Utopia in Gümüşlük

Over the years, Kathryn and I have attended many excellent summer schools and festivals. We adore the spirit, motivation, concept, and delivery of summer music making in all kinds of contexts and locations- it is pure joy to take music to new places and share it with others. To be a professional musician on the faculty of a summer course is to let go of paperwork, day to day chores and focus exclusively on creativity… with time off each day for leisure and socialising with new friends and colleagues. Read more >

Today we are learning the Blues

For many years as a piano teacher, I taught ‘the blues’ along these lines:

Today we’re going to learn the blues. Blues is the simplest form of jazz. It’s based on three chords, I, IV and V from a major scale. Here’s the 12-bar blues pattern. Let’s practise the chords. Hold each chord for four beats. Here’s the ‘blues scale’. Here are some licks that might sound good. Try them. Now mess around with the notes yourself. Here are some riffs that might sound good. Try substituting these for the chords [etc.] Read more >

Interview with Wayne Marshall OBE

Kinderszenen: celebrity musicians remember their musical beginnings and childhood development

A new series of interviews with renowned musicians, and composers in which they reflect on key experiences, influences and memories that had a significant impact on their future musical careers will start next week!    October 2022 blog will feature a video with Murray McLachlan in conversation with the British pianist Wayne Marshall OBE, and you wouldn’t want to miss it!   Stay tuned!

Music education today and yesterday part 1

What is music education in the 21st Century?

Hefty tuition fees at universities and conservatoires, government cutbacks in funding for the Arts, lack of specialist teachers in state schools, dwindling numbers of pupils entering GCSE and A Level music, ever-escalating costs for instruments and instrument repair/ maintenance, travel and sheet music, courses, grade exam entry fees and concert tickets …. Read more >

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