EVC piano pieces in ABRSM, Trinity, LCM, RSL Awards Rockschool and AMEB exams

This guide with piano pieces by EVC composers that are currently featured in the major exam boards will be useful for teachers and students who are selecting a repertoire for the grade exams. Buttons include the links to pages where the books or single EVC pieces (digital) can be purchased. Each product page includes score previews and audio.  Read more >

ABRSM Pop Performer! Review

Motivation in the preliminary stages of learning to play an instrument can often be given more than an initial kick-start or impetus if the repertoire is chosen that the pupil loves and is really keen to play. If a student is a great fan of ABBA, then it makes sense that he/she would be really thrilled to be able to play one of their top hits by themselves. Read more >

Why facial expressions matter?

We live in a most visually conscious age. Young musicians in the 21st century could be forgiven for assuming that image is everything. Instagram, TikTok, ‘my story,’ and YouTube …

All provide instantaneous imagery, giving the immediate communicative impact that, for certain ‘influencers,’ can extend to a global scale. Concerts and competitions are live-streamed, meaning that virtual audiences can come and go as they please. Read more >

Scherzo International Piano Competition

Auditions are open for the Scherzo International Piano Competition תחרות לפסנתרנים צעירים. Established in 2016 by Tania Kozlova and Stella Brener, competition aims to nurture young pianists and provide them with performance opportunities. Read more >

Interview with Wayne Marshall OBE

Kinderszenen: celebrity musician remembers his musical beginnings and childhood development

A new series of interviews with renowned musicians and composers in which they reflect on key experiences, influences and memories that had a significant impact on their future musical careers. Every musician is constantly on an artistic journey of discovery. Every day marks a new beginning- but the very first steps are crucial. This first interview brings fascinating insights into the early musical beginnings of that wonderfully vibrant, positive, and multi-talented internationally renowned musician Wayne Marshall. Read more >

Andrew Eales Interview

Andrew is one of the most versatile, energised, and talented figures in music education today. His superb blog Pianodao was launched in 2015 and continues to attract enormous interest, with an international following for its extensive range of articles and reviews. Ranked the number one piano education blog worldwide for three successive years, it is a bastion of support, insight and inspiration for piano teachers and players.  Read more >

Interpreting tempo and rubato in Chopin’s music

Is interpreting tempo and rubato in Chopin’s music a matter of tradition or individual style?

From the author:

In 2013, I completed my PhD in Music Education at the University of New South Wales. My thesis was a detailed study of tempo and rubato in recordings of Chopin’s works. This study examined and refuted the popularly held notion of a tradition or Chopinesque style within pedagogical lines, nationalities and eras. What follows is some of the conclusions of the thesis.’ Read more >

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