Fingering Fixations

Years ago, when I lived in Aberdeen, I was horrified to pick up the local newspaper one morning and see a devastating quasi war zone photo on the front page. It was of a pile of bricks. A gas explosion had completely destroyed the home of Donald Hawksworth, retired music advisor, organist, and pianist.… Read more

Football & Music part 2: Performing Psychology

Footballers and musicians both perform in public. They share the need to focus and energise physically, mentally, and emotionally so that they can maximise their playing ability when they enter the public arena. In both sport and music, performing experience unquestionably develops the coping mechanisms players need in order to conquer nerves and doubts.… Read more

Let’s talk about Urtext?

We live in an era of unprecedented historical awareness, with state-of-the-art scholarly editions of repertoire readily available from most of the famous publishing houses. And when musicians want to purchase music from the standard repertoire to study, there is a wide range of options as far as editions are concerned.… Read more

Coping with Criticism part 2

Fulfilment in music does not depend on receiving distinction in a grade exam, a prize, a wonderful press notice, or even just a fulsome round of applause.

Of course, all of these things can be encouraging, even inspiring… but ultimately, they enhance and energise what should already be firmly in place and is always much more important: a strong love of music and the desire to strive for even more connection and communication through it.… Read more

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