Why facial expressions matter?

We live in a most visually conscious age. Young musicians in the 21st century could be forgiven for assuming that image is everything. Instagram, TikTok, ‘my story,’ and YouTube …

All provide instantaneous imagery, giving the immediate communicative impact that, for certain ‘influencers,’ can extend to a global scale. Concerts and competitions are live-streamed, meaning that virtual audiences can come and go as they please. Read more >

Musical Utopia in Gümüşlük

Over the years, Kathryn and I have attended many excellent summer schools and festivals. We adore the spirit, motivation, concept, and delivery of summer music making in all kinds of contexts and locations- it is pure joy to take music to new places and share it with others. To be a professional musician on the faculty of a summer course is to let go of paperwork, day to day chores and focus exclusively on creativity… with time off each day for leisure and socialising with new friends and colleagues. Read more >

Music education today and yesterday part 1

What is music education in the 21st Century?

Hefty tuition fees at universities and conservatoires, government cutbacks in funding for the Arts, lack of specialist teachers in state schools, dwindling numbers of pupils entering GCSE and A Level music, ever-escalating costs for instruments and instrument repair/ maintenance, travel and sheet music, courses, grade exam entry fees and concert tickets …. Read more >

Internalisation and working away from the instrument

About practising part 3: practising with our instruments by the clock and adding up the time spent working can be extremely misleading. It may breed the assumption that it is not possible to develop repertoire, technique, or interpretation unless we are physically involved, literally playing our instruments during quantifiable, scheduled practice blocks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read more >

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