Alim Beisembayev Interview

Competitions part 5: Murray McLachlan interviews 2021 Leeds winner Alim Beisembayev.

Part 5: Current blog
Part 4: Coping with COVID >
Part 3: Coping with COVID conclusion >
Part 2: Smaller piano competitions >
Part 1: If piano competitions didn’t exist… >

It was fascinating to talk recently to Tessa, who was disarmingly frank about the nature of competitions themselves and keen to be philosophical.… Read more

Paul Birchall Interview

In this week’s interview, EVC composer Paul Birchall shares with Murray McLachlan how the process of writing music has helped him to overcome anxiety. Paul’s two compositions are currently featured in the International Piano magazine May issue.

We live in an era where the misery of poor mental health has impacted on countless lives.… Read more

Elena Cobb Interview with Murray McLachlan for Piano Professional magazine

In recent years teacher, composer, entrepreneur and educator extraordinaire Elena Cobb has made a huge international impact on young pianists. Her name and her extraordinary festival at London’s Royal Albert Hall have attracted considerable attention – and with good reason! Cobb is in the business of allowing young pianists the confidence and energy to fly, to express their enthusiasm and desire to communicate.… Read more

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