Call to Women Composers Results

EVC Music has released the names of the women composers selected for the new piano anthology inspired by Chopin’s Nocturnes. The age of the participants was between 15 and 84. The style of the piano works ranged from experimental to Romantic, revealing an untapped wealth of talent.

Elena Cobb:”The search is over, and we are delighted to announce the names of women composers whose works will be featured in the new piano anthology 22 Nocturnes for Chopin. The collection will be released in the Summer of 2023. Several composers who didn’t make a list were invited to work with the EVC on future projects.”

Andrew Eales, who chaired the Selection Committee of Rose McLachlan, Víck Bain, Anna Heller and Kathryn Page, said: “Making a final selection from the wealth of wonderful music submitted, which showcased such a variety of stylistic range and musical personality, proved to be a challenge of the very best sort!

The Committee would like to offer our thanks to all who shared their compositions, offer our congratulations to those who will be included in the 22 Nocturnes publication, featured on the Moving Classics site, and published by EVC Music in the future. And beyond those immediately selected, it will be exciting to see how all the composers who took part develop their careers in the years ahead!”

22 Nocturnes for Chopin

Katie JenkinsNocturne. Cerddoriaeth i Bronwyn Wales
Olga BermanNocturne Elegy DbUkraine
Alanna CrouchNocturne DbUK
Caroline TylerNocturne FantasyBmUK
Caroline WrightNocturne. Reflections DmUK
Marlowe CarruthNocturne Pregando F#mUSA
Helen WalkerNocturne. Like the NightEmUK
Wendy Edwards Beardall-NortonNocturne for LoraFCanada
Jennifer BowmanNocturneEbUSA
Charlotte ButlerNocturne, Moonlight on the Waves C#mUK
Lucy HackettNocturne, The Moth GmUK
Charlotte BotterillNocturne, Waves Collide with the Precipice FmUK
Dianna NeufeldNocturne For a Winter’s NightEmCanada
Nicole DiPaoloNocturne G#mUSA
Nitzan VardiNocturne, As They Come & GoEmIsrael
Agnieszka Lasko Nocturne, AutumnC#mPoland
Stephenie LeungNocturne, La ballerine solitaire EbmUK
Zoe RahmanNocturneFUK
Heather HammondNocturne, Thinking of Frédéric CmUK
Victoria ProudlerNocturne TristeAmUK
June ArmstrongNocturne, Sweet Sorrow BbmUK
Nancy LittenNocturne, Fred and Bertie’s Night-Time StrollFmUK


Moving Classics TV Feature

The following composers were selected for the Moving Classics TV feature by Anna Heller, the founder of the the resource.

Alanna CrouchNocturne in DbUK
Maria Gabriella CappellettiNocturne in Dm ,The UnresolvedAustralia
Charlotte BotterillNocturne in Fm, Waves Collide with the PrecipiceUK
Dianna NeufeldNocturne in Em, For a Winter’s NightCanada

One thought on “Call to Women Composers Results

  1. Ellen Minges says:

    So excited for Marlowe Carruth and not surprised by this news. Her music is astonishing full of wonder. Praise to the One who is the Creator of every good and perfect gift… Well done!

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