Brand new video tutorials

Brand new video tutorials – what is so special about them? 

🎥 Our video tutorials were created to help you and your students with getting the best results when working on the tunes from the best-selling Higgledy Piggledy Jazz and master 12-Bar Blues improvisation with the Improv Exercises for Classically Trained Pianists. 

… and they are absolutely free! 

Both sets include great advice, step-by-step instructions and tips!

1. Higgledy Piggledy Jazz video tutorials

Ten videos, one for each tune in the book, were filmed by the popular British vlogger Julian Lambert:

1. Super Duck
2. I Ate All the Choc’late
3. You Tell Me Why I Wait for Christmas?
4. Nerdy Cat’s Twist
5. Blues for Little People
6. Time to Catch a Train
7. Polka Butterfly
8. Higgledy Piggledy Jazz
9. Take Three
10. Peony Pink

Watch the playlist

2. Improv Exercises video tutorials

Nine videos were created by the British piano teacher and educator Liz Giannopoulos: 

1. Twelve-Bar Blues Block Chart and Formula
2. Chord Names and Symbols
3. Creating Spatial Awareness
4. Rhythm exercises
5. Noodling
6. Noodling Exercises
7. Blues scale
8. Bass Lines
9. Improvisation Ideas

Watch the playlist

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