Music education today and yesterday part 1

What is music education in the 21st Century?

Hefty tuition fees at universities and conservatoires, government cutbacks in funding for the Arts, lack of specialist teachers in state schools, dwindling numbers of pupils entering GCSE and A Level music, ever-escalating costs for instruments and instrument repair/ maintenance, travel and sheet music, courses, grade exam entry fees and concert tickets ….… Read more

Anna Heller Interview

Arguably Anna Heller has done more in recent times to promote and encourage new piano music than any other living pianist. Unquestionably highly regarded internationally for her extraordinary contribution to performance and for the promotion of contemporary composers, her sensitive musicality and nuanced playing have been universally admired and praised.… Read more

How to Breathe Correctly

About practising part 6: Murray McLachlan shares advice about breathing techniques from Flautist and Head of Woodwind at Chetham’s School of Music Belinda Crouch. The trick is to keep breathing! 

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Philip Martin Interview

I first heard Philip Martin’s dazzling pianism live on television when he performed Rachmaninov’s ‘Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini‘ at the BBC Proms with characteristic aplomb and panache.

This was back in the 1980s, but already he was an internationally respected figure with a substantial number of original compositions in his oeuvre, many of which were taken up by colleagues and students alike for performance and study.… Read more

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