Scherzo International Piano Competition

Auditions are open for the Scherzo International Piano Competition תחרות לפסנתרנים צעירים. Established in 2016 by Tania Kozlova and Stella Brener, competition aims to nurture young pianists and provide them with performance opportunities. Read more >

Interview with Wayne Marshall OBE

Kinderszenen: celebrity musician remembers his musical beginnings and childhood development

A new series of interviews with renowned musicians and composers in which they reflect on key experiences, influences and memories that had a significant impact on their future musical careers. Every musician is constantly on an artistic journey of discovery. Every day marks a new beginning- but the very first steps are crucial. This first interview brings fascinating insights into the early musical beginnings of that wonderfully vibrant, positive, and multi-talented internationally renowned musician Wayne Marshall. Read more >

Call to Women Composers

Welcome to the project!

A few weeks ago, EVC announced a new inspirational initiative and invited female composers aged 14+ to participate in the selection for the new anthology of 22 pieces inspired by Chopin’s 22 Nocturnes, a creative project supporting the young prize-winning pianist RNCM student Rose McLachlan. Winning entries will make up the majority of the publication alongside a small number of commissioned works from established female composers. The collection will be presented in June 2023 in the UK with a series of recitals by Rose and a book launch.  

Jazz for classically trained pianists

Below is my article from the Music Teacher magazine UK, November 2013. in 2016, Improv Exercises for Classically Trained Beginners book was published based on my experiences of teaching jazz and improvisation to the classically trained pupils. Buy book on: Read more >

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