Arabia Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb performed at Carnegie Hall

Arabia Étude-Tableau by Elena Cobb is a popular choice for the competitions in the United States.

Earlier this year Alanna Crouch (9) from London has entered the American Protégé Competition and was chosen as one of the Honourable Mention Winners and performed Arabia Étude-Tableau at Carnegie Hall on 1 May.

On 22 June, Julia Mejerding (10) from Germany, performed Arabia Étude-Tableau at the Carmel Klavier International Competition for Young Performers 2016.

Arabia Étude-Tableau is a modern Romantic piece with the Oriental feel. It evokes a fleeting memory of a train journey I took with my parents across the desert as a child. Filled with flamboyant octaves, it offers a great opportunity for a young virtuoso to show off her/his skill as a performer. I am delighted and proud for the tremendous talent of these two young girls who took on the challenge and performed beautifully.

Carnegie Hall

On Sunday, May 1st, 2016 I performed Elena Cobb’s Arabia Etude-Tableau at Carnegie Hall in New York. I had always wanted to perform at Carnegie Hall because I had heard lots about it and that lots of famous people perform there so when we found out about the American Protégé Competition which invited the winners to take part in recitals there I really wanted to enter. When we found out that I was chosen as one of the Honourable Mention winners I jumped and screamed and danced around the room. I was so happy to be chosen.

I did not know what to expect about actually performing there.  Mummy had shown me some pictures of the building and the hall I would be playing in but being there in person it all looked even more beautiful. There were lots of pictures of famous people who had performed there on the walls of the hallways and seeing them made me feel excited. I was the sixth person playing and I couldn’t wait to get on stage and perform. From backstage I could see a beautiful Steinway piano waiting for me. The ceiling of the hall was very high and there were lots of gold decorations along the walls and pretty flowers near the front of the stage. There were rows and rows of seats for the audience and even seats in a balcony. I had not known there would be so many people watching. When I stepped on to the stage I had shivers of excitement.  Then I started to play and I couldn’t stop smiling inside because I was finally there. I will never forget my first performance at Carnegie Hall.
by Alanna Crouch, 9yo, London, 2016


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