An alternative to ZOOM

Minions to Mountains or ‘How a minion built Global software to rival Zoom’

By Anita Macdonald, founder of the


It came during a snowstorm, after the tenth student cancelled, and long before the pandemic. ‘Let’s give them no way of missing a lesson‘. Plus of course, shortly after that, ‘let’s make it freely available in every corner of the globe‘.

I looked at loads of other sites, but everything was added on. Zoom itself had no way to monetise it, you still had to write your own invoices. The provided invoices but had no video conferencing facilities.

And so, here in London, with my 30 odd years classroom and school management, experience, I began to plan. It was a simple ‘begin with the end in mind’ sort of a plan.


A one-stop shop where all you do is teach 

This was my first thought. What do I want the software to do? 

  • It teaches live online with minimum lag, one to one, or (with poorer parts of the world in mind), classrooms of hundreds of students
  • It has multiple cameras for close up lab work, piano work, cad/cam work etc at the touch of a button
  • Lessons open and close automatically at the allotted time, with no waiting rooms or ‘bombing’
  • It screenshares homework, theory, graphs, charts, keyboards online.
  • It has a click and book calendar, skipping holidays as required by individual tutors. Calendars can be viewed by all, negating messaging  the tutors to ‘check’
  • The calendar changes global clocks automatically to local time at either end of the meeting, or for all members of a group meeting
  • The software notifies and send automated receipts to parents/schools/companies the instant they pay
  • The subscription software reminds students automatically of their lessons 24 hours before
  • It has a button touch reschedule feature for tutors 
  • It contains thousands of resources, with 100% of the proceeds going to the writers and publishers
  • It has a live video support function
  • It has livechat, to talk to an operator about meetings
  • It has its own secure instant messenger , so that teachers and students can chat, and chat history is recorded for safeguarding purposes. This protects both parties.

So after thousands of hours of testing and teaching, trying out every possible glitch in the Matrix, the site is not only running, but performing so much better than anything else on the market. is available as a web based format, or an app version (available on Appstore and Google Play). If you’d like to try the site free you are most welcome.

We now have our own servers, so if we can offer this free in poor parts of the world, then we will. Until then, we take a tiny percentage to cover our service, including live video support, so you have your own VA! You can charge what you like, depending on the country you live in, and to a certain extent how popular you are!

If you’d like to use just the video conferencing software, does just that, as I know not everyone wants to be on a teaching site if they’d like it just for meetings/conferences and more.

If you are an author/composer and would like your work featured, just email us and we will add you to the resources page, free of charge, with a link to your site or publisher.

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